Why should I do a PhD? Where should I do a PhD?

You don’t know what to expect and where or how to apply? Most students are in a similar situation!

Come to our PhD Information day to get answers from our panel of experts.

When and where? Wed. 29 April from 3 pm at the VGSE (Vienna Graduate School of Economics) seminar room (3rd Floor).

Prof. Marteen Janssen (head of VGSE), Marc Goni-Trafach (Assistant Professor at the department of economics) and Zuzana Molnarova (PhD-Student at VGSE) will talk about how to apply, what points you have to pay attention to in your application in order to make it more likely to be accepted, the life as a PhD student and the situation in the job market (in academia). After the official part there will be drinks and snacks and the possibility to discuss individual questions.

See you there!

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